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NQT Workshops

  • NQT Workshops Time: 6-8pm
  • Droichead Cluster Meetings Time: 5.30pm-7.30pm

The following online workshops are being offered in 2019/2020: Planning and Preparation (P) / SSE and Planning (PP) and Supporting Students with SEN in Mainstream Classes (PP)

NQTs can access and complete the online workshops via the Induction Workshop Programme page on our website www.teacherinduction.ie

If NQTs have any queries in relation to the online workshops please email your queries to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


IMPORTANT:  If no NQTs have registered to attend a Droichead Cluster Meeting two days prior to the date of the actual Cluster Meeting, then the Cluster Meeting will be cancelled.

If you have registered for a Workshop or Droichead Cluster Meeting and subsequently cannot attend, it is very important you de-register the booking from the website.

The Teaching Council will not accept Cluster Meeting 1 attendance for NQTs who do not/did not have their 'Confirmation of Approval to Commence the Droichead Process' prior to attending the cluster meeting.

Course Course Date Price Register
IEP’s for Pupils with SEN (Primary) - 20NP-SP72 25-02-2020 6:00 pm €0.00
20NP-SP18 Behaviour for Learning (P) 02-03-2020 6:00 pm €0.00
20NP-SP33 NIPT Droichead CM1 Primary 03-03-2020 5:30 pm €0.00
20NP-SP34 NIPT Droichead CM1 Post Primary 03-03-2020 5:30 pm €0.00
20NP-Sp48 NIPT Droichead CM 2 Primary 05-03-2020 5:30 pm €0.00
20NP-SP49 NIPT Droichead CM2 Post Primary 05-03-2020 5:30 pm €0.00
20NP-SP19 Exploring Learning (PP) 05-03-2020 6:00 pm €0.00
20NP-SP23 NIPT Numeracy (P) 23-03-2020 6:00 pm €0.00
20NP-SP24 NIPT Numeracy (PP) 23-03-2020 6:00 pm €0.00
20NP-SP26 NIPT Inclusion (CS) (Changed from Monday 20th April) 21-04-2020 6:00 pm €0.00



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